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Vertex International Securities is a leading-edge provider of financial services solutions, Vertex offers the following comprehensive range of services: Corporate finance Disposals and debt sourcing, Due diligence of new investments,Sourcing / facilitating investment opportunities , Development of information memoranda and business plans, Valuations of business, Project management, Mergers and acquisitions

Investment Advisory

Vertex International Securities has extensive interactions with policy makers in the country and region, good industry contacts, access to domestic and foreign investors, and community of researchers in both the domestic and international arena, which facilitates building bridges for our clients.
The Vertex mission is to create and preserve wealth through innovation for its clients and all stakeholders.

Corporate Finance

As a premier financial services firm in Tanzania, Vertex consists of a team of multi-disciplinary professionals with expertise in Corporate Finance, Capital Markets, Privatisation and Corporate Restructuring, Asset Management, Structured Finance, Investment Banking and Mergers and Acquisitions.
Our teams are structured to provide the specialist practical skills needed to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Securities Dealing

Securities finance is an important and significant business, playing a critical role in the efficient functioning of global securities markets. We work closely with both lenders and borrowers, alike, to further increase supply, identify securities lending opportunities and execute transactions.
Our integrated platform combines access to the resources of a full-service investment bank with the highest level of client service.

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Corporate finance

Disposals and debt sourcing

Project management

Valuations of business

Preparation of business plans


Sourcing investment opportunities

Due diligence of new investments

facilitating investment opportunities

Mergers and acquisitions


Advice in Initial Public Issues

Arrange underwriting of public issues

Syndication and private placements

Structuring Collective Investment schemes